How It Works

Don’t worry about the vulnerability of your glass any longer.

Riot Glass™ has a wide range of security glass products that represent the best of the best in glass protection:

  • Laminated glass
  • Containment-grade clear panels
  • Patented aluminum framing
  • Security window film laminates
  • Security screens

Riot Glass™ security glass panels are designed to be retrofitted into your existing windows, so you don’t have to replace the existing framing.

ArmorPlast™ glazing shields can be over-glazed (exterior-mounted) to protect your existing glass or back-glazed (indoor-mounted) behind your glass. Whatever you choose, it will still thwart forced entry or act as a ballistic barrier. We are authorized dealers and we will accurately assess your property in order to recommend the best security solution for your requirements.

How Riot Glass™ security glass laminates work

Security glass laminates can be installed right on top of your existing window glass and they look and feel just like traditional window glass. But don’t let its appearance deceive you! These formidable security glass sheets act as an invisible barrier and are capable of holding your glass doors and windows in place even after repeated high-force impacts.

When glass overlaid with security laminates is broken, the overlaying sheet holds the broken shards of glass in place. It retains the shape of the glass and prevents it from shattering dangerously inwards.

This robust security barrier protects your vulnerable windows and doors against forced entry attempts as well as smash-and-grab theft. Not only that, but security glass laminates also protect against other types of threats including storm damage, vandalism, and any other type of accidental or intentional damage you can think of.

We can apply security laminate treatments to your existing glass from either the outside or the inside, depending on what the best solution for your property is. It’s much cheaper and less disruptive to retrofit your property with Riot Glass™ security glazes than to completely replace all the windows.

Threat assessment

In order to determine which Riot Glass™ solution is most suitable for your project, we recommend a threat assessment. We offer our own consulting services and we also work with outside consultants who can help you with this.

The three main categories of threats that Riot Glass™ provides solutions for are: forced entry, active shooters, and bomb blasts.

Forced entry

We offer virtually unbreakable retrofit solutions to stop crimes before they even happen. When glass does not break, would-be intruders are usually deterred very quickly and will move on.

Many Riot Glass™ and ArmorPlast™ retrofit solutions allow you to leave the existing glass in place.

Active shooter

Ballistic resistant Riot Glass™ is the ideal protection against active shooters. It is designed to stop bullets and prevent entry with shatter resistance.

If a ballistic-grade solution is not in your budget, a forced entry retrofit can still keep shooters out. In this scenario, bullets travel through the Riot Glass™, but the glass panel remains in the frame to prevent entry.

Bomb blast

Our Bomb blast mitigation solutions can consist of security window film or a complete Riot Glass™ or ArmorPlast™ retrofit.

To determine the threat level and the GSA performance level your site needs to meet, a blast expert can conduct a threat assessment. When the expert establishes your performance needs, we will come up with a system to meet or exceed those requirements.


What makes our products so popular is that they can be retrofitted into existing window openings. Our solutions can be mounted on the inside or the outside of your window framing to eliminate the expenses of repairing or replacing the framing and its surrounding materials.

When we retrofit your property, you get similar protection to what you would get with full window replacement, but at a much lower cost. In fact, the existing glass behind your security glazing is often not broken at all.

In the event that your existing window frames are not compatible with a retrofit, the existing glass can be removed and replaced with Riot Glass™, which is available in a variety of thicknesses and strengths to suit any application. This is sometimes necessary for sliding doors and windows, where clearances tend to be tight. If your existing framing cannot bear the additional weight of security glass, we can replace the whole frame.

Two-Step ArmorPlast Retrofit process

  1. Set retrofit system within the existing frame
  2. Install ArmorPlast™ at the maximum distance from the existing glass

Start my Retrofit

New construction or replacement

Riot Glass™ and ArmorPlast™ solutions are available for new construction and remodels. Keep in mind that to install security glass the extra weight, the frame thickness, and the superstructure support have to be factored in.

Lighter-weight Riot Glass™ is also available for reglazing into existing walls where weight is a concern.