Door & window security laminates

Riot Glass security laminates create a formidable barrier to forced entry to protect you and your property against crime and other threats. We offer a full range of American-made glass laminates for residential and commercial security applications.

When used as part of a complete security system that includes an alarm system, surveillance cameras, and reliable locks, our security laminates are an excellent way to protect your home, business, or commercial facility against a variety of real-world threats.

Riot Glass also offers security consulting services to help you find the best security solution for you and your property. We recommend starting with a threat assessment to evaluate your property, identify its vulnerable points, and make recommendations about how we can fortify your glass windows and doors.

Contact Riot Glass today to turn your vulnerable glass windows and doors into virtually invisible security barriers.

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Features of our door & window security laminates

  • Can be installed on new or existing glass
  • Are virtually invisible
  • Don’t interfere with your glass performance
  • Make ideal security barriers anywhere where glass is vulnerable
  • Are available for commercial and residential buildings of all sizes
  • Are cost-effective and quick to install
  • Protect against forced entry, burglary, smash-and-grab theft, vandalism, rioting, looting, storm damage, earthquake damage, accidents, and more
  • Can be cleaned just like regular window glass
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Ideal protection from forced entry and burglary

We recommend our laminates for retail businesses, commercial buildings, homes, apartments, schools, government facilities, and any other property where forced entry and burglary are a concern.

When a would-be intruder attempts to smash a laminate-treated window with a common burglary tool like a hammer or crowbar, they’ll be surprised to find that it doesn’t immediately shatter and fall inwards. The existing glass can break, but the overlaying sheets hold shards together and resist penetration to delay entry.

Regular window glass allows intruders quick access to your property and everything inside. However, when you take away a burglar’s easy entry by reinforcing your window glass, they are much more likely to be deterred and move on to find another less difficult target.

Laminated window glass is even capable of standing up to repeated blows by more determined criminals. Even if the individual doesn’t decide to move on right away, the delay to entry that the security barrier causes can give the authorities time to arrive after your alarms are triggered by the forced entry attempt.

Storm damage and other accidental damage prevention

Security laminates also protect against damage caused by mother nature and other unexpected events, such as earthquakes. The same strength that makes these glazes such a daunting barrier to forced entry also means they protect your glass against high-velocity storm debris and other unforeseen high-force impacts.

If something like a large tree branch gets picked up and hurled at your windows during a hurricane or windstorm, laminate-treated window glass is resistant to penetration. The overlaying security sheets on your windows will hold any glass fragments in place and prevent them from flying dangerously inwards and potentially injuring anyone inside.

Windows that are resistant to shattering and penetration also help protect your property against internal storm damage and expensive cleanup. Standard windows shatter easily during a storm, leaving your home, business, or commercial facility exposed to water damage from heavy rains and flooding. This can be very expensive and time-consuming to remediate, not to mention all the broken glass you’ll have to clean up.

Since laminates hold your existing glass in place, boarding up windows and doors after accidental damage to secure them is not usually necessary. Dealing with the aftermath of a storm, seismic event, or other accidental damage scenario is much more manageable with our resilient security glazes.

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