Riot Glass™ vs LA Rioters

May 31, 2020 – Protests turn to riots and police are not responding to burglary calls. Watch as rioters take their time trying to break into a high-end retail store in Beverly Hills, CA to no avail. Riot Glass™ had been installed due to previous attempts to break in to this store. Notice the glass breaks but the Riot Glass™ ArmorPlast access denial glazing panels prevent entry.

HP White Laboratory Testing | AP25

ArmorPlast Glazing Shields are designed to fit on existing doors and windows and provide virtually impenetrable protection. Test certifications available upon request.

Riot Glass vs Sledgehammer | Actual Surveillance Video

Riot Glass was designed as a shield to protect buildings, people, and property from aggressive attacks like this one.

ArmorPlast AP25 Demonstration

We set out to make the world’s toughest anti-intrusion retrofit solution that is mounted to your existing window framing. Introducing, ArmorPlast AP25. Fast, effective window and glass door protection. Available now.

Riot Glass Security Glass Installation

We turn your existing windows into security windows, using your existing frames. Dual pane, single pane, low-E, tinted or clear, we make them custom to meet your specifications. Free consulting, so call today.

Employee Tests Riot Glass

How tough is Riot Glass? We let our staff take it for a test drive so they can see first hand how incredibly strong it is. Unbreakable AP25 keeps armed intruders and burglars out of our buildings. Police need time to get to the scene of a crime, and in those few minutes a lot of bad things can happen if a criminal is allowed to gain access to the inside of the building. That’s our mission - to keep the bad guys out!

The Answer to End Burglary, Looting, Vandalism

World's toughest burglary deterrent - Riot Glass access-denial glazing is a retrofit system that withstands heavy attacks with sledgehammers and other similar tools. Also used as a virtually invisible barrier to control looting and opportunistic vandalism.

Security Screens Prevent Home Invasion Robbery

Security Screens are designed to prevent an intruder from burglarizing your home, and an essential addition to an alarm system and surveillance cameras. You need a physical barrier to entry to allow enough time for police to arrive. Bars, shutters and gates can make your home look institutionalized. Security Screens look just like regular insect screens, but are tough enough to resist a serious attack like this one.

Riot Glass vs Regular Glass

Designed to keep bad guys out of schools, homes, retail stores and commercial buildings, Riot Glass unbreakable panels are infinitely tougher than a regular tempered glass door or window. Watch to see how tough these panels really are. We have a patented framing system to mount our RiotGlass in front of your windows (overglazing) as shields to protect the glass.