Home Security Glass: Need Unbreakable House Windows?

Shatter-resistant security glass for homes (windows & doors)

An essential part of any home security system!

When it comes to home security, there’s one thing surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and patrol services don’t do: create a physical barrier to intruders.

Keeping bad guys out in those critical moments while waiting for the authorities to arrive is essential for protecting your home and your family. Our home security glass solutions are designed to reinforce vulnerable entry points like doors and windows to buy valuable time.

Invisible protection with home security glass

Would-be intruders can break standard residential windows and gain access to your home in just seconds, meaning that your home’s windows offer little protection from determined intruders.

Traditional windows don’t allow you or your family members time to react by running, hiding, or calling the police. Unfortunately, this means that a violent confrontation is often the outcome.

We are an Authorized Dealer of Riot Glass™ and we can help you protect your home from forced entry with security solutions including security screens, security window film, and security glass.

Safety first from day one

We always aim to make sure that our installation process is minimally disruptive to you and your family. We remove and replace each glass panel individually as we go, so we won’t leave your home boarded up or without windows overnight. All your existing panes will remain in place until we get to them. This avoids any problems in case we need to come back the next day to complete your retrofit. We always ensure that your home is safe and secure overnight.

Additionally, we promise that we’ll protect and respect the interior of your home during the installation. The whole installation process usually takes 1-2 days to complete, after we finish manufacturing your windows.

Security glass retrofit for homes

Our security glass retrofit units offer the strongest and least noticeable security upgrade. We replace your existing window panes and door glass with highly impact-resistant glass that makes forced entry into your home much harder for intruders like burglars.

Our retrofit options include laminated Riot Glass™, available in a range of thicknessed and strengths, as well as our virtually unbreakable ArmorPlast™ polycarbonate panels.

We can custom-build single- or dual-pane options for your window openings. In most cases, we leave your existing framing and hardware in place, which gives you unbreakable house windows without significantly changing the aesthetics. We make the panels to order and install them on your property with minimal inconvenience to you.

Security screens for even more safety

Campbell’s Security Screens are 100% custom-built security screens that we install on the exterior of your home. We can provide these robust screens for all windows, swinging doors (single-hinged and French door), and sliding glass doors.

These security screens are precisely made-to-order down to 1/16th of an inch. They are designed to fasten to the existing framing of the home and come with their own security framing as well. The screen mesh is made from slash-resistant and impact-resistant stainless steel and the framing is made from pry-resistant aluminum. The whole security screen system is powder-coated to make it resistant to corrosion. The mesh is only available in black, but the framing is available in 9 color choices at no additional cost.

We can give you an estimate of pricing if you are able to provide us with rough measurements. However, we do need exact measurements in order to produce the screens, as each screen is made-to-order and will only fit the specific opening that it is designed for.