Armorplast 25

ArmorPlast™ AR Polycarbonate Sheet is an abrasion and UV resistant sheet that offers glass-like surface hardness coupled with the impact strength of polycarbonate. Additionally, ArmorPlast™ AR Polycarbonate Sheet offers resistance from yellowing and hazing for longer service life in high profile applications.

Typical applications for ArmorPlast™ AR Polycarbonate Sheet include school, hospital, and retail store glazing. ArmorPlast is also used extensively in correctional and psychiatric facilities.

This nonballistic (containment grade) glazing shield product allows bullet penetration but won’t break down or appreciably diminish in strength. Although a glazing shield does not stop bullets, it resists cracking or shattering. Even after being riddled with bullets, it remains a barrier to entry because it cannot be easily dislodged and a would-be intruder’s hand is prevented from passing through to open the door, keeping intruders out of the building.

Also ideal for retail smash and grab burglary protection.

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ArmorPlast™25 containment grade sheet is a single-ply laminate that satisfies the requirements of ASTM D256.

Constructed of Polycarbonate Sheets, the laminate also features an abrasion and UV resistant coating for extended service life in harsh environments.


Schools, retail stores, religious facilities, corporate buildings, jails, detention centers, psychiatric hospitals for protection against forced entry.

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